How to Handle a Situation- the Human Resources Segment

One of the most memorable presentations of the summer meeting was a series of 8 very relatable kitchen situations which required an intervention in the realm of Human Resources. The situations involved all levels of the organization including issues between managers and employees, employees with other employees and employees and customers. The scenarios, modeled off actual situations from the previous school year, addressed issues such as bullying, professionalism, overuse of cell phones on the job and handling customer special requests. The situations were acted out in the kitchen setting and filmed by media specialist, Joe Maier. Joe is a new member of the Nutri-Serve team who is developin

Eagles Top 10- How Doug Pederson took a mediocre football team and turned them into Super Bowl Champ

Staying in line with the Philly sports theme, Kristen Mueller, RD, Chief Corporate Dietitian, researched the techniques and coaching style of Philadelphia Eagles Coach, Doug Pederson. She came up with ten ways that she felt he was able to change the culture of the Eagles organization. Research was conducted through reading numerous articles and watching interview footage of both Doug Pederson and other members of the Eagles Organization. Kristen then created an interactive presentation where Food Service Directors were able to analyze these strategies and brainstorm how they could be applied to their kitchens. Director of Operations, Todd Baker would introduce the Top 10 Strategy which would

Nutrislice Digital Menus- Reviewing The Basics and Take It To The Next Level

In the summer of 2017, Nutri-Serve trained our Food Service Directors and Bookkeepers on new DIGITAL MENUS using the Nutrislice platform. Each school district was set up with a unique Nutrislice menus website that could be managed by the food service director through an admin site. Each school district is also given access to corporate menus created by Nutri-Serve’s Corporate Dietitians that they can save and customize. A year later we have a slew of new TEAM MEMBERS, in addition to many Food Service Directors, desiring to learn new ways to use the software to market their programs. For this hour and a half training, Nutri-Serve’s Corporate Registered Dietitians opened with a quick introduct

Don’t Just Play-Win! Motivational speaker, Lee Rubin, pumps up our TEAM at Nutri-Serve’s 2018 3

Over the last 30+ years, Nutri-Serve has held a 3 day summer training for Food Service Directors and Bookkeepers to kick off our summer training. Each year we have a fun theme even integrated into the food served, decorations, the agenda and even our outfits for the day! With the inspiring season of the Philadelphia Eagles still fresh in our minds, and the fact that most of our clients are concentrated in the South Jersey area, we went with a Philly sports theme for 2018. Staying true to our Philly sports theme, Nutri-Serve brought in motivational speaker Lee Rubin, a former Penn State Football player and HR professional, to begin our meeting with an inspirational pep talk! Lee’s coach-like





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