Motivational Speaker Chip Eichelberger

Chip Eichelberger at Summer Training 2017

For the past 30 years, Nutri-Serve has held a 3-day summer training for Food Service Directors and Book Keepers as a kick off to the new school year. In celebration of our 30th year, we wanted to make this training extra special! With the theme of "Getting Switched On" we brought in well-known Motivational Speaker Chip Eichelberger to "Switch On" our Food Service Directors! Part one of Chip’s motivational topics included: Taking care of yourself (both physically & mentally) to be able to do your job effectively, being open to trying new things, showing up with the right attitude and the importance of being the leader of your team. Part two involved breaking a board which symbolized barriers in your life that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Each participant wrote a barrier on their board and then learned the technique to enthusiastically break the board. The exercise ended with a round of high-fives from team members. Our Nutri-Serve team left the full-day seminar energized, refreshed and excited to get back to their kitchens to share some of the concepts with their cafeteria staff.

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