Nutri-Serve Regional Cook’s Trainings

Teaching the Tricks of the Trade

Nutri-Serve Food Management is holding regional cook’s trainings throughout New Jersey and in Pennsylvania with an emphasis on cooking skills, packaging, customer service and food safety. The trainings are led by Nutri-Serve Corporate Chef Trainer, Ilene Ivy, who is a trained chef out of the Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute as well as a Nutri-Serve Food Service Director for more than 25 years. These trainings focus on food quality, scratch cooking and incorporating spices. Ilene enthusiastically imparts her kitchen wisdom while reminding cooks that they are kitchen leaders and need to take pride in their product. They are doing the important job of providing nutrition for growing children!

These trainings are hands-on, taking place in the kitchen, and have been a great networking opportunity. District cooks share ideas and work through current challenges that open their minds to new solutions. Topics have included: Serving line set-up, implementing a theme bar (Ex: Pasta or Burrito Bar), cooking techniques for favorite menu items and a "Soup Camp". One of our goals for this year is a training on Adult Menu Items for school staff and administrators.

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