Don’t Just Play-Win! Motivational speaker, Lee Rubin, pumps up our TEAM at Nutri-Serve’s 2018 3

Over the last 30+ years, Nutri-Serve has held a 3 day summer training for Food Service Directors and Bookkeepers to kick off our summer training. Each year we have a fun theme even integrated into the food served, decorations, the agenda and even our outfits for the day! With the inspiring season of the Philadelphia Eagles still fresh in our minds, and the fact that most of our clients are concentrated in the South Jersey area, we went with a Philly sports theme for 2018.

Staying true to our Philly sports theme, Nutri-Serve brought in motivational speaker Lee Rubin, a former Penn State Football player and HR professional, to begin our meeting with an inspirational pep talk! Lee’s coach-like approach, complimented by his fun and relatable personality kept the attention of our TEAM as he went through the 5 traits (referred to as the 5 c’s) of extraordinary teams!

Some of our favorite Lee Rubin-isms included:

Competitors: “Competitors are individuals who LOOOVEEE to win and HAAATE to lose!”

Consistency: “We are what we repeatedly do. We practice to develop machine-like consistency. We practice over and over again so that on game day it is automatic.”

Common Goal: “Everyone has got make a sacrifice”. You have a personal motivation when making a compromise. Lee reminds us that everyone must make a sacrifice to reach a common goal.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: “Communication builds trust.” Lee encouraged directors to get to know their employees on a personal level, so it is about more than just work. Trust out of the kitchen builds trust in the kitchen!

Chemistry: “It’s about bonds!” In Chemistry, bonds are formed under heat and pressure. There are plenty of pressure filled situations in a kitchen and Lee gave us some insight on how sports teams channel these high intensity situations to develop greater trust in each other.

Managing a kitchen is about creating an extraordinary team! As a company, we brainstormed how we could create extraordinary teams through all levels of Nutri-Serve. We used Lee’s 5-C’s as the foundation for setting corporate goals trickling down from upper management to our attendee’s individual goals with the intention of working together towards our COMMON GOAL- Most effectively serving our clients and customers!

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