Eagles Top 10- How Doug Pederson took a mediocre football team and turned them into Super Bowl Champ

Staying in line with the Philly sports theme, Kristen Mueller, RD, Chief Corporate Dietitian, researched the techniques and coaching style of Philadelphia Eagles Coach, Doug Pederson. She came up with ten ways that she felt he was able to change the culture of the Eagles organization. Research was conducted through reading numerous articles and watching interview footage of both Doug Pederson and other members of the Eagles Organization.

Kristen then created an interactive presentation where Food Service Directors were able to analyze these strategies and brainstorm how they could be applied to their kitchens. Director of Operations, Todd Baker would introduce the Top 10 Strategy which would be followed up by a short Eagles interview clip from various members of the Eagles organization or NFL analysts. Following the video, Kristen would highlight takeaways from the clip and her thoughts on how this could be applied to Nutri-Serve kitchens. Food Service Directors were then given two minutes to discuss the strategy and clip and were able to jot down notes on a poster size activity.

Food Service Directors were encouraged to recognize the dynamic between teammates, the respect between Doug Pederson and his players, and the team’s amazing ability to bounce back after losing their leaders to injury.

The presentation was concluded with a reminder that our logo is a constant reminder of what we do best, as it is surrounded by the most prominent words of our mission statement: service, quality, nutritious, responsive and integrity. Food Service Directors were told that if they ever felt like the “underdog”, that an “underdog” is a “hungry dog” as Jason Kelce would put it. So of course, we had to finish the presentation with the famous, censored, Jason Kelce speech from the Eagles Parade!

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