How to Handle a Situation- the Human Resources Segment

One of the most memorable presentations of the summer meeting was a series of 8 very relatable kitchen situations which required an intervention in the realm of Human Resources. The situations involved all levels of the organization including issues between managers and employees, employees with other employees and employees and customers. The scenarios, modeled off actual situations from the previous school year, addressed issues such as bullying, professionalism, overuse of cell phones on the job and handling customer special requests.

The situations were acted out in the kitchen setting and filmed by media specialist, Joe Maier. Joe is a new member of the Nutri-Serve team who is developing training and educational videos as well as creating videos of nutrition education for individual school districts.

Food Service Directors viewed each scenario, discussed it with their table and then filled out a form about how the situation would be handled. This form addressed, who would you call to report the incident, how you would react to the situation, what would be the proper course of action plus documentation and how you would follow-up to ensure compliance.

We received excellent feedback from the Food Service Directors who would now like the use the scenarios as a training tool in discussions with their employees.

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