Nutrislice Digital Menus- Reviewing The Basics and Take It To The Next Level

In the summer of 2017, Nutri-Serve trained our Food Service Directors and Bookkeepers on new DIGITAL MENUS using the Nutrislice platform. Each school district was set up with a unique Nutrislice menus website that could be managed by the food service director through an admin site. Each school district is also given access to corporate menus created by Nutri-Serve’s Corporate Dietitians that they can save and customize. A year later we have a slew of new TEAM MEMBERS, in addition to many Food Service Directors, desiring to learn new ways to use the software to market their programs.

For this hour and a half training, Nutri-Serve’s Corporate Registered Dietitians opened with a quick introduction to updates that took place over the summer. Food Service Directors then choose from 2 breakout sessions, the first titled, Reviewing the Basics and the second, Take it to the Next Level.

Olivia Gallo, RD, newly promoted Nutri-Serve Corporate Registered Dietitian, held the Reviewing the Basics breakout session, going through the details of menu creation, updating or setting up information such as prices, and plugging in holidays for when school was closed.

Kristen Mueller, RD, Chief Corporate Registered Dietitian, led the Take it to the Next Level breakout session, where she showed some tricks in formatting your menus, creating messages on the side and bottom of your menus to post information, and setting up interactive snack lists which display both nutrition information and snack prices.

The Food Service Directors left the training excited to get back into Nutrislice and customize their own menu websites!

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