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Our Mission Statement


To provide Nutritious, high Quality food and customer Service  by a food service staff who model a professional attitude. They are guided by a teamwork approach to management. This results in satisfied customers and a more effective program saving taxpayers money. Nutri-Serve Food Management is a Responsive company with the support system and Integrity to best meet the needs of our employees and clients.

Dear Lunch Ladies,

December 17-21 was a great new lunch. It was just marvelous. I love when it was Baked Ham and Garden Salad, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Turkey Club Salad, and Nachos and Cheese. I can't wait till Thursday when it is Nacho Grande w/ chips. I can't wait; my mouth is watering just writing."


-A 4th Grade Student

Since the change to Nutri-Serve, the daily food choices have broadened dramatically, and student participation increased more than 50%. The lunch program is profitable and the BOE has used that money to invest in new equipment enabiling the food service staff to expand the food selections." 


- A Board Member

"Now I've heard it all. Daniel never wants to buy school lunch. Today was our Turkey feast and , Nick gave Daniel his turkey and mashed potatoes. Daniel just told me that it was the "BEST TURKEY HE'S EVER HAD IN HIS LIFE." I can't believe my ears. I never in a million years thought my home cooking could be beat out by cafeteria food." 


-An Elementary School Mom


Chad Rockovits

Vice President of Operations