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Chad Rockovits
Vice President 

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"Absecon Learning Community,
A shout out to Kim Parker and the entire Absecon Nutri-Serve staff.  As we were finishing the last leg of our QSAC marathon today, with an inspection of the building and grounds, I was asked by the County Business Administrator,
"Who is your food distributor, and how do you like them?"  Without hesitation, Allyson and I both responded, "We love them." In my 20 years in education, they are the best group I have ever worked with.  The things they can do, such as preparing this morning's faculty breakfast while distributing breakfasts and lunches to a district of well over 900 children, are simply amazing.  Their willingness to go the extra mile and assist in any way they can shows great pride in what they do and a devotion to our learning community.  
Kim, Danielle, Anne, Candy, and John thank you for your effort this morning, and thank you for all that you do each and every day!  We are lucky to have each of you and the entire

Nutri-Serve team.
Best Regards,."

-Dr. Daniel J. Dooley
Superintendent of Schools
Absecon Public S
chool District

Our Mission Statement


To provide Nutritious, high Quality food and customer Service  by a food service staff who model a professional attitude. They are guided by a teamwork approach to management. This results in satisfied customers and a more effective program saving taxpayers money. Nutri-Serve Food Management is a Responsive company with the support system and Integrity to best meet the needs of our employees and clients.

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