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Chad Rockovits
Vice President of Operations

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"I really like the staff.  They are always so friendly and ask how my day is.  I like that there are regular items each day, since I am a picky eater."

-Sarah, Collingwood



"The Nutri-Serve employees are an absolute delight! Not only are they very pleasant and kind, but they prepare delicious food for the staff!"


- Christina, Swedesboro Teacher

"My child forgot his lunch and when they called my husband and I we were not available.  A Nutri-Serve employee saved my child from a meltdown.  She asked what he normally has in his packed lunch and made it for him.  Right down to his crackers with pb&j."


-Anonymous Berlin Township Parent

"The screens are so big with the menu in the cafeteria.  It looks like I am watching a movie in a movie theater."

-Avery, 1st Grade Mullica Township Student

"I've never heard of cannoli before, but they sure are yummy.  I am going to tell my mom that we tried them today in school.  I want her to buy them for me at home."

-Wyatt, 2nd Grade Mullica Township Student


Our Mission Statement


To provide Nutritious, high Quality food and customer Service  by a food service staff who model a professional attitude. They are guided by a teamwork approach to management. This results in satisfied customers and a more effective program saving taxpayers money. Nutri-Serve Food Management is a Responsive company with the support system and Integrity to best meet the needs of our employees and clients.