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We Love Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is the key to develop healthy eating habits that carry through adulthood.
NutriServe has created a variety of  Nutrition Education activities that can be brought to your district.



Incorporating Nutrition Education Into Your Curriculum With Nutri-Serve

  •  WELLNESS FAIRS:  Wellness fairs are a great way to unite as a school in developing healthy eating and

        exercise habits. Kristen is available to help plan wellness fairs and help coordinate the cafeteria’s involvement

        in these student activities.

  • IN-CLASS EDUCATION: Small group instruction is the best method of

       nutrition education. It is conducive to discussion and topics can be

       reinforced with worksheets.

  • ATTENDANCE AT WELLNESS METTINGS: Kristen is available to

       attend school wellness meetings or parent meetings as a guest speaker.

“We live in a world where food is constantly accessible. Eating healthy

is not avoiding certain foods but finding balance in the choices that

we make. We do not innately possess the knowledge of how food affects is learned. This is why nutrition education is necessary in the

school setting.” 

                                                      -Kristen Mueller RD (Corporate Dietitian)


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