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K-12 Team Members Recognized by Food Management

Little Egg Harbor & Pinelands Regional (N.J.) School Districts/Nutri-Serve Food Management

Nominator: Marsha DeVos, Accounting Specialist, Nutri-Serve Food Management

“Mike goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to the students of Little Egg Harbor and Pinelands Regional School Districts. He is creative, upbeat, and dedicated to the students, faculty, administration, and fellow team members. He fosters an environment where everyone feels seen and heard. Mike is always thinking about how he can improve his program, from the food and the presentation to the quality of service. Students enjoy music as they make their meal selections in a place where they are made to feel special and can enjoy their lunch. Mike and his team have created the whole package and have one of the cleanest kitchens and serving lines you will ever find—a real example of what a program could be and should be. He and his team show immense pride in what they do, and they do an awesome job every day. Mike is one of our best examples of what a food service director should be.”

Congratulations to the following team members who were recognized by Food Management on their K-12 Food Foodservice Heroes lists.

Each was nominated by their leadership teams for their hard work and dedication to our guests and fellow team members over the past year.


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