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New Jersey - Farm to School

Ever pick up an apple in the supermarket

and wonder where it’s from?

When biting into an apple from a Nutri-Serve cafeteria fruit basket, the customer is tasting the sweetness of fresh local produce. That apple was never on a plane, but only a short truck drive from a local farm. Nutri-Serve schools (depending on location) work with the local produce companies Ambrogi and Papa G’s to bring the freshest produce from the farm to the lunch tray.  In the spring, Nutri-Serve Food Service Directors visited a local farm to see first hand the process involved in getting the freshest produce to their cafeterias!


Our nickname is the garden state, so it is

 fitting that we enjoy the

delicious fresh produce that our hard working farmers have to offer!


Farmer John and the Millbridge Staff


Talk about fresh off the vine or tree!


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